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The Advantages of Access Control Systems Services

Managed phone services offer peace of mind with expert support, proactive maintenance, and enhanced security – all for a predictable cost.

Enhanced Security

User-friendly access control safeguards your business. Advanced technology stops unauthorized access. You decide who enters, keeping your business secure.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor access points in real-time to stay aware of who is entering and exiting your facility. Our system provides instant updates and detailed logs for comprehensive oversight.

User-Friendly Interface

Manage your system with ease. Our intuitive interface simplifies adding users, setting permissions, and monitoring access. Keep your business secure, stress-free.

Cloud-Based Management

Manage your system from anywhere! Cloud-based platform lets you make changes & monitor access for ultimate convenience and security.

Scalable Solutions

Scale your access control system to meet the needs of your growing business. We offer scalable solutions that can be tailored to fit organizations of any size.

Comprehensive Reports

Detailed reports ensure compliance & empower informed decisions. Comprehensive logs & analytics help you track activity, understand trends, and proactively enhance security.

What Our Clients Say About Our Access Control Systems Services

Confused about services? Don't go blind! Real clients rave about our results. See their testimonials - trust built, success stories shared.​

"Implementing Ekim’s access control system has been a seamless experience. Our employees love the convenience of using their phones to access secure areas, and we’ve seen a marked improvement in security."

Sophia H

Corporate Office

"The access control solutions from Ekim have enhanced our building’s security. The ability to manage access remotely and track entries has been incredibly useful."

William D

Warehouse Facility

"Ekim’s door access control systems have made our premises much more secure. The ease of use and reliability of the system are impressive. We couldn’t be happier!"

Darlene Robertson

Healthcare Facility


Reduction in Unauthorized Access


User Satisfaction with Access System


Increase in Operational Security


Faster Response Time to Access Issues

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