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The Advantages of AI Video Surveillance Services

Managed phone services offer peace of mind with expert support, proactive maintenance, and enhanced security – all for a predictable cost.

AI-Powered Insights

Real-time insights with facial recognition, unusual activity detection, and advanced analytics for proactive security. AI video empowers informed decisions and 24/7 protection.

High-Definition Recording

Witness every detail with high-definition recording. Superior clarity ensures confident footage review, pinpointing crucial moments and empowering informed security decisions.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay informed and respond swiftly to potential threats with real-time alerts. Our system notifies you immediately of any suspicious activity, enabling quick and effective action to prevent incidents.

Remote Access

Keep an eye on everything, anywhere. Access live feeds & recorded footage from any device. Enjoy continuous oversight and peace of mind, knowing your premises are always under watch.

Scalable Solutions

Adapt your surveillance system to the changing needs of your business. We offer scalable solutions that can grow with your organization, providing flexible and customizable security options.

Seamless Integration

Integrate our AI video with your existing system for a comprehensive security approach. Easy integration and compatibility boost your overall protection without disruption.

What Our Clients Say About Our AI Video Surveillance Services

Confused about services? Don't go blind! Real clients rave about our results. See their testimonials - trust built, success stories shared.​

"Ekim’s AI video surveillance has drastically improved our security. The actionable insights provided by their system have helped us prevent incidents and enhance overall safety."

Michael J

Retail Industry

"The video surveillance solutions from Ekim are top-notch. We now have real-time monitoring and data-driven insights that allow us to take immediate action when necessary."

Rachel F

Hospitality Industry

"Ekim’s AI video surveillance system is a game-changer for our security needs. The quality of the footage and the insights we gain are unparalleled. We feel much safer now."

Tom S

Manufacturing Industry


Increase in Incident Detection


Reduction in Security Breaches


Accuracy in Actionable Insights


Cost Savings on Security Operations

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